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3 Stock Tips I Found in Nancy Pelosi’s Inbox

Earlier this afternoon, I was doing some innocent stock research at the US capitol building when I stumbled into the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi which was surprisingly empty.

I decided to do the decent thing and turn her computer off for her, but something caught my eye: Some red hot stock tips at the top of her inbox. Here are the three best ones I found on her oddly unattended computer:

1) Buy Nikola Corporation (NKLA) – According to Pelosi’s email, the new administration will be very friendly to electric vehicle manufacturers. I even saw Nikola founder Trevor Milton mentioned as a potential nominee for secretary of transportation. Strong buy!

2) Buy Vista Outdoor Inc (VSTO) – This gun manufacturer could be a strong momentum play over the next couple of weeks. I found a draft email Pelosi was writing to a capitol security official that mentioned the need for more armed guards around the building. The email was abandoned in the middle of a sentence for some reason, but it was enough to let me know that VSTO is a great stock to watch!

3) Short Pfizer (PFE) – Digging past Pelosi’s hair appointment folder, I found some insightful information about the lack of vaccine distribution. Surprisingly, no one has any idea how to widely distribute this vaccine. Make sure you short Pfizer!

It was a great afternoon of peaceful, first-hand due diligence. Hopefully these stock tips help you just as much as they’ll help me! By the way, if the DC Metro Police ask where I was this afternoon, just let them know I was at my office.