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30,000 Word Reddit Post Hyping Up #OrangeSqueeze Thesis Mostly Going Unnoticed

With GameStop back in the news after a near 300% move and #silversqueeze firmly in the rearview mirror, one redditor named u/ballsdeepvalueboy wrote a lengthy post trying to get #orangesqueeze trending.

The post sited unfavorable weather conditions which would negatively effect yields as well as various foreign governments from non-citrus producing nations heavily short orange juice futures. The author also cited the hit 80’s movie Trading Places where Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd attempt to manipulate the same market with great success.

The post received a 12 upvotes and a few rocketship emojis however it will almost completely unnoticed by the subreddit as it was posted around the same time Gamestop began rocketing higher with names like AMC and Blackberry also moving in tandem.

Orange Futures did trade higher after the post however is appears this was based more on inflation fears and a general move higher in all commodity prices.

After further investigation there isn’t any evidence that any substantial short interest in orange juice futures exists and this was likely the ramblings of another Wallstreetbets ‘autist’.