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Activists Call for Universal Rent Relief as GameStop Shares Fall Below $200

Advocates for affordable housing are calling for universal rent relief throughout the United States as GameStop shares have traded below for weeks. With no relief in sight for countless GameStop bagholders, the situation is growing desperate.

Will Harmon, a 27-year old fair housing activist in Seattle, says that immediate government intervention is necessary to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

“GameStop falling below $200 creates a dire situation for the 99% of Americans who don’t work at evil hedge funds,” said Harmon. “We need immediate eviction moratoriums and government assistance with rent until GameStop gets to at least $220 a share.”

Economists consider GameStop’s share price a key indicator for gauging the economic wellbeing of the middle and working class. Dr. Dave Armstrong, PhD in economics from the University of Texas, says that GameStop’s current share price “tells us that the working class is struggling mightily.”

Armstrong predicts that when GameStop falls below $120 we will “likely see dead bodies in the street.” Below $100 per share, Armstrong projects that the United States as we know them will collapse into Civil War.