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Adorable! This 12-Year-Old Just Invested in a Company That Uses 9-Year-Old Soldiers to Protect Its Rare Earth Mineral Mine

Little Rock. AR – It seems like kids are getting into investing earlier than ever. One 6th grade student from Douglas Middle School named Caleb Russell skipped out on the stock market all together to make a direct investment into a private mining company in Africa.

The best part?

The company employs other children just like Caleb.

“It feels good to help other kids like me get stable jobs,” Russell said. “I know they aren’t making a ton, but hopefully this can be the first step in pulling themselves up and becoming a successful hedge fund manager, like my dad.”

The mining company, Fountain of Youth Mining Ltd., exclusively uses nine-year olds as miners. When called for comment, the company did not answer the phone. The next day, the line was disconnected and the company’s address was no longer listed online.

While some may see this as a red flag this particular country has had one failed government after another and this is apparently very normal.

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