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After Losing Fortune in Crypto, Celebrities Put out Black and White Video Singing Imagine

LOS ANGELES — A horrified public has been subjected to a sequel to the infamous celebrity Imagine video after a cadre of A-listers lost several fortunes worth of money in crypto currencies.

“I saw a dip in Dogecoin and knew it was time to drop my entire Wonder Woman paycheck into it,” stated Gal Gadot, organizer of the first video. “Sadly, I now realize when something is dipping, it can continue dipping even further. Oops!”

Gadot later added, “Investing in Doge? Bad idea. Making sequel to Imagine video? Also bad idea… So, they cancel each other out? Ken?”

Though one would think the original lineup would stay away from a sequel to the much maligned video, they ALL returned for the second installment, much to the chagrin of their agents, managers, friends, family, and fans.

“I was skeptical. I didn’t even think the first one was a good idea, but Gal convinced me. She assured me it wouldn’t be embarrassing and universally hated and mocked,” stated participant in both, Jimmy Fallon. “On the bright side, between losing the money we had all thrown in with Gal on Doge, and then just how awful these videos are, I was able to easily get through it without laughing, so I suppose that’s something.”

Though the second video ruled the news cycle for short a time, many experts foresee the damage being more long term than it appears.

“This is going to have a residual effect,” stated sociologist Dr. Adam Farr. “These videos keep getting worse, but we’re also becoming desensitized to them. I fear by the year 2030 we will be getting a new black and white Imagine video every week after some celebrity messes up or wants to cheer up fans, or any number of other horrifying possibilities. When people say things are becoming frighteningly Orwellian, THIS is what they mean. The ‘2 minutes hate’ is actually just celebrities singing Imagine for 2 minutes every day on a giant screen any time they’re sad, and we’re all forced to watch!”

Though the video’s negative reaction was even worse than last time, Gadot was optimistic, stating, “At least it’s taking the focus off my statements about Israel!”