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AMC Rips Patrons Off With $14 Popcorn, Even More Overpriced Shares

Despite the pandemic closing many of their theaters, AMC continues to scam consumers with overpriced commodities. The company has shifted from charging $14 for a bag of popcorn, to charging between $5 and $6 for a single share of $AMC.

The price bubble caused by a frenzy on r/WallStreetBets pushed the $AMC price past a pack of M&Ms ($6), past a standard ticket ($15), and all the way to a small popcorn-candy-drink combo meal ($18) where it peaked before settling back down at a still overpriced amount.

“Yeah we sent AMC up in a sweet fucking short squeeze just to see what would happen,” said WSB Redditor MusksMusk31. “Turns out, we gave them more sales than Avatar, and they didn’t have to even open their doors.

The bubble was instigated by thousands of Redditors who were looking to repay AMC for letting them into Wolf of Wall Street when they were 15. Without that movie, none of them would be degenerate gamblers today.

At press time, a day-trader snuck out of the theater so he could liquidate.