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Analysis: My Zoom Price Target is -$37

Remember when oil futures hit negative $37 last year? Several unfavorable factors converged at once to tank the price of oil: Collapse in demand, a global pandemic, fear of an imminent recession, and several others.

Well, I believe we’re coming up on a group of catalysts that will do the same to a different security: Zoom.

We’re inching closer towards achieving herd immunity as a country. Tech stocks are insanely overvalued. And most of all, people are really fucking sick of Zoom. In the next few weeks, I am anticipating a total collapse in the price of Zoom stock as the world collectively realizes they never want to spend another second in worthless video calls.

I also anticipate oil skyrocketing 500% or even 1,000%, much like tech stocks did in 2020. Consumers will gleefully drive into the office everyday to get away from their spouse, while others will take 1,000 mile road trips to places like Rochester, New York and Little Rock, Arkansas just because they can.

I also project that crowds of people will start fires in the streets to celebrate the end of the COVID Era. This will be very bullish for gasoline and lighter fluid.