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Anthony Pompliano Panic Sells Entire Bitcoin Position After Realizing It’s Not Real

Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin maximalist and ex-US Army Veteran, woke up in a cold sweat on Tuesday morning after what he describes as “A life changing dream.”

In that dream, Pompliano was visited by the ghost of Warren Buffett, who gave him a dire warning. Pompliano describes the dream, “So I was having one of my classic stress dreams about Operation Iraqi Freedom when I looked up at the sun, and saw Warren Buffett’s face floating in the middle like the baby from Teletubbies. As bullets whizzed over my head I could hear Buffett’s croaking voice say ‘Bitcoin isn’t even real, buddy.’ And then I woke up crying.”

Pompliano, famous for tweeting things, immediately saw this as a sign to unload his entire Bitcoin position. After he sold, he tweeted: “Just sold my entire Bitcoin position. It’s been a fun ride with my Bitcoiners, but it’s not even, like, real or whatever. So I sold it all for dollars (insert shrug emoji).”

As is the case with most cults and religions, once Pompliano made his departure, he immediately lost 95% of his followers and received more death threats than when he was fighting the war in Iraq.

Pompliano will be appearing on CNBC on Wednesday to promote the upcoming launch of his new coin, Pompcoin.