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Anxious Buyers Snap Up 1br/0ba Coleman Tents as Housing Market Heats Up

Rising home prices and favorable interest rates have given rise to a new type of housing boom, and outdoor retailers are pitching a tent. Camping aisles with barren shelves are now a common site across the nation as young families lay their nest egg in a more natural setting.

“We were ecstatic to find an option in our price range” says Reginald Miller, a newly-remote software developer who recently purchased his first home. Alongside his wife, they bring home a paltry $350,000 year. After setting aside 85% of their income over the last five years, they were eager to finally establish themselves as homeowners.

“We’re thrilled. A studio layout with an open floor plan is exactly what we were looking for. And quite frankly, people are spending a lot more for natural features like an outdoor bathroom. Plus we are saving a ton on utilities by not having any.”

Mortgage lenders see the current frenzy on micro-homes as a savvy investment opportunity for those that move quickly. “These remote-friendly homes will only continue to appreciate as more buyers are priced out of the brick-and-mortar-and-foundation-and-plumbing housing market,” said one analyst. “They may as well rename Coleman to Goldman with the potential upside here.”

All-cash offers have become common, with most tents being sold within mere hours of going up for sale, oftentimes well over asking. For Mr. Miller, the rush on new nylon properties has inflated more than just his air mattresses. “Now that we have our home, we’re optimistic for the future. As soon as these lumber prices come down we’re hoping to use our fire pit.”