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AOC Met Gala Dress Draws Attention to Progressive Policy Ideas, Ass

Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez attended this year’s Met Gala in an outfit that drew major attention to the size and shape of her policy ideas. The democratic-socialist congresswoman’s dress was filled out – with text reading “Tax the rich”. The gesture sparked discussion among pundits, many of whom are now warming up to progressive policies after seeing how nice and round the budget figures are for AOC’s proposals.

AOC received mixed responses from other women at the event. One detractor said the following: “She thinks she’s such hot shit because she has a nice platform, and she shows it off a lot. But how much of that platform became law? She’s a real butterbills if you ask me.”

Predictably, prominent industry leaders who attended the gala were put-off by AOC’s bold attire. “The dress? I think she should take it off.” said one such offended businessman.

It’s been many moons since a fashion statement made a real political impact. Cortez is in a particularly well-seated position to do so, considering that she has built a bandwagon around her policy ideas – on Monday, she dragged that wagon around the met gala with grandeur.