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Apple Relaxes App Store, Dress Code Rules

Alongside an announcement today previewing relaxed restrictions on subscription-based services on the App Store, Apple also revealed they will be promoting the personal freedoms of their employees by easing their dress code.

The tech giant previewed the rule changes at a surprise keynote where Tim Cook showed off the new freedoms to be enjoyed by every Apple employee, from the highest executive all the way down to the lowest child factory worker.

While the App Store changes allow companies like Spotify and Netflix to link directly to their sites for sign-up, bypassing Apple’s usual cut of gross sales, the dress code changes allow programmers in Cupertino to bypass the usual social stigmas around getting shirtless in the office.

Though the changes are a huge step forward for workplace freedoms, many are raising safety concerns about letting employees show up to factories in jorts. Apple execs were quick to clarify these changes were completely optional and assure critics that, “no one will make fun of anyone else because they’re wearing a shirt or anything.”