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Are NFT’s the Next Meme Stocks? Questions Like These Are Why You’ll Never Have Money

Recently NFT’s have been all of the rage from NBA Top Shot to digital art from Beeple fetching tens of millions of dollars. And like some people out there it’s had you wondering how to cash in but also could NFT’s maybe be the next meme stock?

You even went as far as posing this question on the Wallstreetbets subreddit with answers ranging from “we found another one!” to “surely this must be a joke”. While you were being honest and just trying to get more tendies we are happy to confirm that your financial literacy coupled with insane questions like are more than enough to ensure you will never have much money.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “what is wrong with a question like this? So many people made so much money in meme stocks. Why not me?”

For starters most people will eventually lose a sizable portion of their investments after the markets further correct and come back down earth. Secondly most of these NFT’s will be worth nothing in the future when people come to their senses and realize these shitty jpegs aren’t even good and they can’t be given away.

Best thing you can do is stop asking dumbass questions like this and watch some videos about value investing. Or don’t and guarantee you lose it all.