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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Just Gives $1,400 Uber Gift Card to Everyone

President Joe Biden announced his new infrastructure plan that Democrats believe will strengthen the country’s transportation system and the stock market. Biden plans to simply give every single American a $1,400 Uber gift card.

“We really don’t want to bother with messy road construction or building a dumb train system like the Europeans,” Biden said at a news conference. “Instead, we’ll simply airdrop a $1,400 Uber gift card to every citizen of this great country.”

Uber shares rallied after-hours Monday on the announcement. The company plans to work with the federal government to distribute the gift cards as early as next week. Sources familiar with the matter say that Uber is working quickly to add even more absurd fees to its app in order to pocket as much of the money as possible.

Last week, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg explained to reporters that an “ideal” US transportation system would be “roughly 50% of the adult population using Uber to get to and from work, with the other 50% working as Uber drivers.”

Biden’s administration moves one step closer to achieving this goal as the Senate is expected to pass the bill by a wide margin after Uber spent $150 million on lobbying expenses in the first quarter, according to a source within the company.