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Billionaires Who Bought Bitcoin at $5 in 2011 Think $33,000 is Safe Entry Price for Retail Investors

Several billionaires who bought into Bitcoin at $5 in 2011 are urging their followers to buy back in at the “safe entry level” of $33,000.

According to sources, retail investors should feel completely comfortable getting in at $33,000 because Bitcoin will “definitely” go up another 80,000%, just like it did before.

“When Bitcoin dipped from $9 to $5 back in 2011, I doubled down and bought the dip,” said one cryptocurrency billionaire on Twitter. “Today, you have the opportunity to do the same thing. Buying the dip at $40,000 is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

According to sources familiar with the matter, buying Bitcoin at $33,000 is a “guaranteed” profit because the cryptocurrency was above $60,000 just a few months ago.