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Birds of a Feather? Twitter Joins in With Anti-Semitic Hate Group to Silence Hard Money

In light of Hard Money’s Twitter account being wrongfully suspended we assembled a crack team to investigate and potentially get to the bottom of what happened.

In the past beside Peter Schiff, there had only been a single group campaigning to have Hard Money shut down. That group is the well known far right group Knights of Odin who are well known to have anti-semitic undertones as well as other despicable traits.

Now we’re not saying that Twitter is anti-semitic in any way but the coincidence is too much to ignore. Surely Twitter doesn’t want to be lumped in with such a disgusting group and they wouldn’t have to be if they would just give us our god damned account back!

Is it lazy journalism to connect the two entities over their desire to silence us? We contact our friends at major media outlets like CNN and Fox News and they assured us that this was most definitely very real journalism we were doing and that we should continue digging deeper to get more dirt.

Should our account continue to remain suspended you can expect similar hard hitting journalism from us moving forward.