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Bitcoin 100k? This Guy Who Put His Life Savings in 45k Really Really Hopes So

Local recent bitcoin enthusiast Tom Simons put out a bold prediction to his 128 Twitter followers yesterday announcing he has set his Bitcoin price target at $100,000 and expects that price to be realized by the spring.

He provided few concrete details as to why he settled on this price specifically but it appears he dumped his entire life savings into the speculative investment at $45000 and friends report that he ‘really needs this’.

“Look the writing is on the wall,” said a hopeful but confident Simons. “Yes I may have taken out a line of credit at a borderline usurious rate but we’re going higher. I mean I really hope we are.”

Many financial advisors have begun recommending bitcoin as a part of a large strategy most financial analysts recommend putting in 1-2% of your new worth. We caught up with financial planner Mary Crons to further clarify.

“We’ve only now begun promoting our clients to get some bitcoin exposure but you want to keep it very low,” said Crons. “Just because Elon Musk bought doesn’t mean it’s time to dive in. He tends to do things just ‘for the lulz’ as the kids say. Definitely don’t borrow money to buy bitcoin that’s just dumb.”

As of this writing Bitcoin is trading above $48000 and literally nothing can go wrong for Simons.