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Bitcoin Has 11th Generational Buying Opportunity of the Year

“Bitcoin will never dip this low again in our lifetime” tweeted Tyler Winklevoss for the 11th time this year. Even though the crypto is the same price it was 5 months ago, and it’s up 240% in the last year, Winklevoss swears it will never be this low again. “The last 10 dips were great, but this is the REAL generational opportunity. Few understand this.

While China, the world’s second biggest economy, has all but banned the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin believers are assuring scared investors that Bitcoin is still the future. In an interview this morning, Michael Saylor said, “With global powerhouse El Salvador leading the charge on Bitcoin acceptance, you HAVE to buy the cryptocurrency now. Bitcoin is inevitable.”

After claiming that he had replaced all of his fiat with Bitcoin years ago, Anthony Pompliano tweeted that he “bought the dip” again. “Bitcoin is down 50%, but that shouldn’t matter to long-term investors. You’ll make 100% when it rebounds.”

Stay tuned for next week’s generational opportunity when BTC drops below $25k.