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Bitcoin Network Unable to Process Amount of Tweets Users Sending to Peter Schiff

With Bitcoin moving wildly over the past week the network experienced an issue it had yet to ever encounter. The hate tweets being sent to Peter Schiff over his constant mischaracterization of the crypto currency as well general self-owns on the platforms have somehow led the transaction time of the bitcoin network to greatly slow as the hate tweets increased.

“Bitcoin is as much of a store of value or a currency as the greenback” was merely one example of the nonsense permeating from Schiff’s twitter account. He of course didn’t waste a single opportunity to tout how much superior of an investment gold is even though it’s possibly the worst performing asset this year and ‘a complete piece of shit’ as most crypto investors refer to it.

We asked a number of crypto experts why the bitcoin network would be affected by twitter users dunking on Schiff and we were unable to get a solid answer. The best potential reason is that people were sending tweets to Schiff along with very tiny amounts of BTC in an effort to troll him as well as potentially expose a hidden wallet of his.