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Bitcoin on the Move: How to Turn Your Valuable Plasma Into Even More Valuable Digital Currency

Bitcoin was all the rage in 2020 and so far 2021 is no different. With the price already touching almost $35000, now is the time to learn how to turn all that excess plasma your body makes into cold hard crypto.

The best place to start is my Googling your local blood bank. Most people think you can only rid yourself of that pesky excess blood by donation only but you’d be wrong. Just like there’s a market for all kinds of useless Altcoins, you can get paid for almost everything inside of you.

Plasma is the clear part of your blood that, after separated, contains all the blood cells but most importantly contains sweet sweet cash. After you’ve found a blood bank that will pay you it’s as simple as making an appointment and getting a check. As an added bonus, blood banks pay more for heavier people as there’s more plasma to harvest so if you haven’t cut that holiday weight yet we’d advise to hold off on that.

You can make regular visits to sell your plasma so make sure to ask when you’re there how you don’t want to miss even one opportunity. Once you’ve completed the transaction we recommend heading over to your crypto provider of choice and just hit that buy button. Had you sold your plasma throughout all of 2020 you’d be up over 300% right now. With those kinds of returns you’d be stupid leaving that liquid gold inside of you earning zero return.