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Blackberry Press Release Celebrates Being Last Tech Stock In World to Make Move to Upside

Waterloo, ON – Earlier today Blackberry Limited released a much anticipated press release after their stock was officially the last tech stock in the entire market to breakout higher. Many new traders have never heard of the company however anyone who was trading from 2000 – 2010 is all too familiar with the formerly named Research In Motion, known for their trendy keyboarded handsets and ‘Blackberry Messenger’.

The stock is currently down 95% from it’s June 2008 highs however bag holder Terry Lamont believes it’s blue skies ahead. “When I first used a Blackberry device in early 2004 I was completely blown away. That keyboard was the best thing ever and I remember going out and buying their stock right away. It was hands down my best performer until that nut Steve Jobs came out with the iPhone and ruined Blackberry. But guess what? They’re back and they’re about to rip.”

It’s unclear whether Blackberry shares are moving higher because there’s absolutely nothing left that hasn’t tripled since March so we asked analyst Zack Collings what it might be. “Blackberry had an announcement last week where they’re doing something with software in cars alongside Amazon so that was good for a bump. It could be that but also everything is going up right now it’s kind of hard to lose money. Realistically it’s just popping up on screens because it’s only up 50% this year so people are finding value there. I’m sure there’s some people that remember Blackberry and think it might have a second act or they’ve never heard of it which is also bullish.”

It’s hard to pin down exactly what is causing this news but one thing is for certain – if they release a new phone with a keyboard and brick breaker this 47 year old author will be first in line to purchase it.