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Bulls, Bears, and Pigs

Bulls, Bears, and Pigs

Mr. Market knows there are three kinds of investors. Bulls are always looking for reasons to buy. Bears are always looking to worry. And Pigs get slaughtered.

Don’t be a pig. 

Right now, we have had a disastrous move in the markets. The first quarter is the worst combined quarter for equities and bonds together… ever. Ever is a really long time. 

That damage means two things. First, in the short term, we have priced in a lot of bad news. So if you’re negative, it’s probably time to lighten up.

Secondly, however, damage leaves scars. The market isn’t going to just shake off this selloff. This wasn’t like a pandemic selloff either… this was just flat-out selling because of rates and economic concerns. We need to get through this economic cycle to get through this market cycle, and that takes time.

So it means… we’re in a big fat trading range! 

The same rules apply.

Buy low, sell high.

Trade a lot or not at all.

And remember this one: when markets are volatile. You can make the same money, even playing smaller. So play smaller. Be a bear or be a bull… but don’t be a pig!

Let Mr. Market say it again. In volatile, fast markets, you can make more, but you can lose more. Think about your returns goals relative to your overall portfolio rather than the position itself. You’ll make the same amount of money but take less risk, if you’re right. And if you’re wrong, you’ll still be in the game.

Be a bear, be a bull… don’t be a pig. 

And remember… listen to Mr. Market!

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