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Cancelled? Or Did I Get Fired for Losing My Firm $500K in Q1?

You never think it’s going to happen to you until it does. One moment you’re living life in the carpool lane making moves and winning accounts. The next your phone is bricked and the passwords on all your account logins are changed.

At first I thought that meant I had the day off until IT fixed it. But now HR is telling me it’s long term. What does that even mean? Something about failing my “disciplinary probation period” and “notices of termination.” I hate to jump to conclusions, but there’s been a certain word thrown around a lot lately that makes me wonder if I’m the victim of something larger. Have I been… cancelled?

My bosses can be difficult at times. Whose aren’t? My reports and numbers not adding up is one thing, but for them to attack my employment status in the client’s best interest seems like taking sides. They of all people should understand that we have to make sporadic high risk investments to really shake up the markets. It’s why we do what I do. But if I’m cancelled then where do I sign up again? Seriously.

I still don’t see the big deal going silent on everyone for 72 hours when I was busy strategizing and transferring funds. Would you “cancel” a food delivery if they didn’t show up for three days and still charged your credit card? By diverting all 2020 profits into new Cryptocurrencies and unexplainable NFTs we should be seeing some impressive rebound numbers for the remaining Q2, Q3, and Q4 forecasts. That is of course, if someone doesn’t cancel those too.