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Carole Baskin’s Upcoming NFT Drop to Include Audio of Late Husband’s Last Cry For Help

Animal conservationist and ‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin is joining the meme-token and NFT frenzy in an effort to end the confinement and abuse of wild cats, but Shelley Stuart of Tampa Bay, FL wonders if she has gone too far.

“I bought a few $CAT tokens, and went to to preview what I could buy with this much ‘purr-ency’,” explains Shelley a self-proclaimed “cool cat” and proud supporter of Big Cat Rescue, “I was scrolling through some beautiful images of Lions, Jaguars and Ocelots that they have there at the sanctuary, but then I clicked on a link at the bottom titled ‘Bye Bye Don’. And it was just a short audio clip without any image or video or anything.”

Shelley went on to describe the clip. “There were a lot of rustling and dragging sounds, like something heavy was being moved around in the grass and then a lot of deep animal growling and some purring, and what I thought was a man’s scream. And then I think I heard Carole’s voice, but I couldn’t make it out. As I said, the audio quality was really bad.”

“So I listened to it again and then I heard Carole’s voice: ‘Bye Bye Don’, she said in this quiet sort-of, icy, far-away voice. And then more screaming, and by that point I just had to step away from my computer for a minute.”

‘Bye Bye Don’ has a listed price of 1,000 $CAT tokens, equivalent to $5,000. “I know it’s all for a good cause, but I wonder if this is the best strategy for her image,” Shelley went on, “I suspect this NFT could even put her in some legal hot water if there is still an investigation regarding Don’s disappearance.”

“But perhaps it’s just a bit of dark-humor,” said Shelley laughing nervously. Big Cat Rescue was unavailable to comment.