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Chunk of Silver In Man’s House Perfect Reminder to Never Invest In Metals Again

With talk of inflation on nearly every financial news outlet these days, Carter Mathews is cautious about trying to put on a hedge. Generally the historically accepted idea is you buy precious metals like gold or silver as these act against hedges and guarantee your investment increases while your purchasing power decreases.

However the one thing holding him back is the 10 ounce bar of pure silver he purchased 10 years ago for $44 per ounce that now sits at $25.

“I used to listen to a lot of people into precious metals like Peter Schiff and others who assured me that there is no better investment than Gold or Silver,” said Mathews from his modest home in Buffalo, NY. “But had I bought $440 worth of Apple stock I’d have around $5000 now. Honestly it’s almost a good investment in hindsight because it reminds me to not buy this stuff ever.”

We reached out to famed precious metals bull and generally wrong guy Peter Schiff about this. “Talk to me in 50 years about how bad silver as investment is. I guarantee it will perform any stock you can think of.”

While this is most certainly not true the one thing Schiff has on his side as that most people will be dead and unable to challenge him on this.