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Citadel’s VP of Blackmail and Violent Threats Takes to Twitter to Explain Company’s Side of Story

Citadel’s Vice President of Blackmail and Violent Threats has taken to Twitter to defend the company’s honor.

“Robinhood thing isn’t a big deal,” one tweet starts. “Let’s not push this issue until something bad happens to your grandma. Does she still live at 13 Haven’s Path Ln in Vermont by the way? I’d like to visit her.”

Although many users were upset, others agreed with the Citadel executive that Twitter should probably just drop it before things got so out of control there was no going back.

“He’s got a point,” one user who just joined twitter today posted. “It also might cause some bad information to leak out online about you, and who knows how that could affect your ability to get a job one day.”

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