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“Clairvoyant Trader” Claims He Can Predict Exactly How and Why His Investment Will Fail

The world of stock picking has always been a hotbed for speculation, intuition, and sometimes outright quackery. But are the markets now exposed to parapsychological phenomena? “Clairvoyant Trader” Marcus Mallory says yes.

Mallory first gained attention in March of 2018 when his call contracts on British Petroleum ($BP) expired worthless. Live streaming from his studio apartment in Buffalo, Mallory claimed this loss to be “just as he predicted,” showing a date-stamped text message as proof.

The veracity of Mallory’s evidence was questioned, so in February of 2019, Mallory raised the stakes. He notarized his prediction that an aggressive put contract on Amazon ($AMZN) would expire worthless. 9 days after purchasing the contract, the prediction came true.

Mallory, in a Skype call placed from his hostel in Redding, told Hard Money he felt “vindicated,” and slighted critics that claimed one successful prediction did not prove ESP.

In February of 2020, Mallory decided to set the record straight once and for all. He purchased call contracts on United Airlines ($UAL), Carnival ($CCL), and Live Nation ($LYV). Using a notary again, he predicted a worthless expiration for all three. In mid-March, Mallory was again proven correct.

In a recent interview with Hard Money; Mallory, calling from a payphone somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike, declared his victory over the skeptics. “People don’t want to believe in something amazing, because it hurts to imagine your life could be better…” Mallory opined before his voice was drowned out by a passing Greyhound bus.

Could it be true? Could there be more to the universe than we know? We may never answer these questions, but Mallory’s case provides plenty of food-for-thought.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Marcus Mallory, please contact the New Jersey State Clearinghouse for Missing Persons.