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CNBC: $400,000 a Year Not Nearly Enough to Cover Losses From Single Trump Tweet

A CNBC article caused quite the stir on social media today after it implied making $400,000 a year is still not enough to cover the absolutely devastating losses resulting from a single Trump tweet.

The drama started when Presidential candidate Joe Biden proposed a tax hike on people making more than $400,000 per year. While there is some debate about whether $400,000 constitutes being wealthy or just “upper middle class,” it most certainly is not enough to cover the crushing losses from a single rage tweet from Donald Trump, sources confirmed.

While all of his tweets are not created equal in terms of the damage they can do to your portfolio, generally all CAPS tweets surprisingly do less damage than ones of substance related to helping (or not helping) the nearly 20 million unemployed Americans who are in this position due to no fault of their own.

Hard Money will continue to report this story as it unfolds, unless we are unable to pay the bills because jesus fucking christ that tweet today killed us.