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Cool! GM Partners With Microsoft to Allow First of its Kind in-car Game Play

Detroit, MI — Shares of General Motors shot higher today on news they are partnering with Microsoft to power their vehicles straight into the future. All of their new cars will offer the ability to play games on a touch screen which is the first of its kind as far as CEO Mary Barra knows.

“I can say for certain that Ford doesn’t offer in-car video gaming and probably no other manufacturers do either. Now that Minecraft can be played in the vehicle this will really appeal to an even younger demographic. Currently there are millions of Minecraft players who don’t drive mostly due to regulatory hurdles and this will be the first step in getting them interested and eventually behind the wheel,” said an enthusiastic Barra.

“With some light lobbying our hope is to get the minimum driving age as low as 8 which will greatly increase the TAM and drastically increase top and bottom line numbers.”

While analysts aren’t sure whether children driving is safe, many seem to think adding video games to a car is incredible bullish as Tesla did it ‘like 8 years ago’ and look at their share price ever since.

Also, when told that Tesla was way ahead of them Barra pretended her phone was ringing and ended the interview.