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Crypto Market Never Closes, But Luckily My Eyes Do

The crypto market is open 24/7 365, but, thank God, there’s one thing that does close, my eyes.

If I’m going to pay rent this month, I need Bitcoin to hit $75k. I placed a bet three days ago when it was at a measly $49,000, and I was right. I watched the chart for 36 hours straight as it skyrocketed past $52k. At this rate, it was going to give me my rent money in a week, tops.

Every night this whole week, I’ve set an alarm to wake me up every 10 minutes so I can check the price. The other day at 6 AM suddenly it was trending down? I knew Bitcoin prices went up randomly, but no one told me it also went down randomly. I told my landlord this was a sure thing.

Now, I’m hemorrhaging money literally every second of every day. But even when the market stays open, my eyes stay closed. I refuse to watch my life fall apart, so I won’t; I will hole up in my bedroom and emerge when Bitcoin hits $100k.

I’m sure my landlord understands squatter’s rights. Plus, my portfolio will save me in the end because everything goes up in the long run. Hopefully also in the short run though, because I have a bunch of crypto calls that expire tomorrow.

But until then, my eyes will stay sealed, and I will blindly believe in myself.