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Crypto Vaccine? We Don’t Know What That Is Either, But Sounds Like a Money Maker

With shares of Bitcoin and Ethereum ripping higher and the vaccine roll out adding massive market cap to vaccine manufacturers, in the deepest bowels of the internet there have been rumblings about a hot new investment opportunity. Crypto vaccines.

No one knows exactly what that is or what it means but people are already feeling fomo with searches up 1200% and 5 different SPAC’s launching next week to capitalize on the hype.

We talked to virologist Heather Matzkowitz to learn more. “That’s complete nonsense. I’m vaguely aware of what cryptocurrencies are and I know vaccines as well as anyone. I have no idea how the two would be combined seems like snakeoil to me.”

After further speaking with Ms. Matzkowitz we concluded that she just didn’t get it and we would attempt to find someone that could reinforce our beliefs on this matter. That led us to the popular forum 8chan where we anonymously chatted with a user named St0rmdaCapital69 who assured us that such an invention would be coming very soon and you ‘really, really don’t want to miss out.’

Regardless of whether the technology is there yet we at Hard Money have concluded that you want at least 5% of your portfolio allocated to crypto vaccines whenever the opportunity should arise.