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DC Causes Controversy Upon Announcing Superman Is Coming out in Upcoming Issue as Crypto Guy

BURBANK, Calif. — DC Comics has caused a stir amongst fans after announcing an upcoming issue of Superman where the titular character will come out as a ‘crypto guy.’

“We feel it’s important to represent a wide array of the human experience through our characters,” began current creative lead Jim Lee. “Everyone wants to see themselves in the characters, so in the spirit of fair and equal representation, Clark Kent and Superman are both now getting really into trading Etherium.”

Lee later added, “In the comic we’re going to refer to it as Krypto currency, get it? He’s finally met his Cryptonite!”

Several crypto-bros initially expressed excitement at the much anticipated equal representation until finding out the storyline.

“We are here, we are real, and we demand representation in the superhero community,” shouted crypto bro Chad Diesel. “The crypto community has been eager to be represented in a positive light for ages, and while this is a necessary time of transition for the finance community, it truly disgusts me that by the end of the issue Clark loses all his gains and Lois’s entire life savings in Doge — just ridiculous and unrealistic,” he commented as his Coinbase balance plummeted towards zero in real life.

When asked if he plans to actually read the comic in question that he’s been complaining about, Diesel also added, “Absolutely not, those things are for nerds!”