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Despondent Accountant Reports Company’s Only Hope Is to Become Meme Stock

Things haven’t been going well as of late for First American Realty Trust. The owner of commercial property all over the country has dealt with increased delinquencies and former long-term tenants filing for bankruptcy causing the share price of the company to decrease by 80%.

However the company does have one thing going for them. Specifically their ticker is FART which couldn’t be more meme-worthy and their accountant has been petitioning management to take advantage of this fact in a last ditch effort to correct course.

“Wallstreetbets is a very powerful force these days,” says First American Realty Trust’s head of accounting Heath Rosen. “We have a lot of headwinds due to Covid and the challenges that came with but we have this hilarious ticker symbol that I honestly can’t believe they haven’t found out about. Just so many options there. FART to the moon, this FART is going to give me tendies etc.

He has even gone the lengths of getting the ball rolling by having every employee open a reddit account and posting regularly in the subreddit with minimal success.

“We did have one post do pretty well and get a lot of upvotes but then the mods took it down and banned us. Not sure why maybe they don’t like profanity. But if you’re reading this now please make FART a thing our future depends on it.”