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Donald Trump Changes Twitter Avatar To Slightly More Tan Version In Desperate Last Minute Effort To Sway Undecided Voters

Washington, D.C. — The internet was buzzing Tuesday morning as Donald Trump changed his Twitter avatar for the first time in many years to a slightly more tan version of his iconic photo.

While his motivation for doing so was unclear, many suspect it was a last ditch effort to convince undecided voters on the morning of what is certainly the most important election in modern memory.

Bart Mooney, election historian at George Mason University notes that while last minute maneuvering like this is rare, it’s not unprecedented. “In 1928 Democratic candidate Al Smith came out with a jingle that he had sung and composed himself hoping it would give him an edge over Herbert Hoover. Obviously it didn’t work but Trump isn’t the first candidate to try something like this.”

At press time it was unclear if this move would have any effect on the outcome but many noted it made Trump look at least 6 months younger.