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Early Adopters Of Ethereum More Emotionally Draining Than Bitcoin Users

Hoboken, N.J. — Brad Griffen has a story similar to many in the crypto community. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin, said he’d never sell but eventually did to buy ETH which he considered to be the ‘next big thing’.

“I just keep telling him over and over. I know it’s a platform not just a store of value. I’m also constantly reassuring him that our apartment is ‘just the right size’ but it gets exhausting,” says Kate Griffen who’s husband Brad sold all of his BTC in 2015 to become an early adopter of Ether (ETH) the currency of the crypto platform Etherium.

Kate isn’t alone a recent study conducted by the Institute for Click Generation in south Florida noted that the wives of men who are heavily invested in ETC can somehow be even more needy when it comes to explaining their reasoning behind holding large portions of their life savings in a speculative commodity.

When reached for comment Brad became erratic and yelled, “She says she’s fine but I can see it on her face. She doesn’t realize it’s a long term play. Bitcoin has the name recognition but if we all try really hard in smug Facebook posts and long uninterrupted monologues to our loved ones at holiday dinners we can change the world!” When we told Brad that the reporting staff here at Hard Money couldn’t figure out where to spend Ether he became erratic shoving a bottle of Adderall he had bought off the dark web in our face and telling us to “explain these then!”

Brad isn’t the only ETC enthusiast we contacted. We spoke to Brad H (no relation) from Houston who despite being caught up in an ICO ponzi scheme last year still remains committed to the currency. “Sure criminals are scamming people out of millions but that’s just the markets way of working itself out. Did you know that you can create physical asset based coins on the Ethereum network? We could have a gold standard on digital currency! Do you know how ground breaking that is?”