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Elon Musk Pitches Earnings Call Listeners on New Tesla Bitcoin Day Trading Course

Elon Musk wrapped up Monday’s Tesla earnings call with a pitch for the company’s newest product: A Bitcoin day trading course.

“We believe this will revolutionize the way our customers will trade Bitcoin,” said Musk after his company sold a portion of its Bitcoin position for more than a $100 million gain during the first quarter.

While details were sparse, Musk did reveal that Tesla will actually trade Bitcoin on behalf of investors and will guarantee returns based on the amount invested. For example, 0.1 Bitcoin sent to Tesla will be worth one Bitcoin within “10 to 15 minutes”, according to Musk.

Investors can earn up to 100x returns within minutes by investing one Bitcoin, much greater than the 2x returned promised on Elon Musk’s Twitter account earlier this month. Some analysts speculate that Musk’s offer to send two Bitcoin to anyone who sent him one Bitcoin was a test run for this new investment program.