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Elon Musk Pivots Boring Company to Drill Holes in US Tax Code

Elon Musk has pivoted the primary focus of the Boring Company to the United States tax code, in which he is hoping to drill loopholes big enough to let $152 billion slide right through.

“The Boring Company is moving on from LA traffic, and on to a problem that everyone cares about: how to keep my wealth out of the grubby hands of the less-fortunate,” said Musk in an interview in his supervillain lair. “Besides, what’s more Boring than tax policy?”

Musk is hoping to use the Boring Company’s experience with undercutting, boring holes, and underground activity to optimize the tax system for everyone—as long as they own at least 5 companies.

Musk’s next goal for the Boring Company is to use their patented flamethrowers to burn the IRS headquarters so he doesn’t have to pay capital gains tax on his DogeCoin earnings.