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Ex-Nikola CEO Trevor Milton Announces New Business That Is Just Drawing of Stick Figure Being Powered by Sun

The recently dispatched Nikola CEO Trevor Milton is not taking his ejection from the company laying down. Citing better opportunities, the controversy-prone entrepreneur took to Twitter today to announce to all the “haters” and “disbelievers” that he already has a new company in the works.

“We have revolutionary technology rolling off the production lines of BrainPower LLC right now,” Milton said, linking to a crude presentation showing mock ups of a stick figure wearing a glowing hat. “This is a game changer for the fossil fuel and food industry. And maybe some other industries we don’t even realize it’s still early. But that being said it’s game over.”

The new company claims to have reduced the cost of food production to almost zero by linking a solar-powered hat directly to the blood flow of end users, using photosynthesis to give humans food and fuel to go about their days.

“It works for plants and they’re thriving. So why not humans? We’re working with the very top research universities on this revolutionary technology,” Milton said on an instagram live video. “This is real. This is fully functional. This is not a hat with LEDs in it purchased off AliBaba that I’m saying gives you unlimited energy.”

As of press time, the IPO for Brainpower is many multiple times over subscribed.