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Fashion Police: Judge Not Impressed with Elon Musk’s Wario Costume in Court

The judge presiding over a shareholder lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla was not impressed with Musk’s Wario costume last week, according to sources who attended the trial.

Instead of wearing a suit and tie, Musk appeared in court to testify wearing a Wario costume, which included an oversized fake mustache.

“I thought it was a bit out of the norm, but Musk is a character,” said legal expert Dave Reynolds. “What you wear reflects who you are, and I believe Musk made a bold statement about his identity in court.”

Before beginning testimony, Delaware Chancery Court Judge Michael Rhoades asked Musk if we was feeling okay after seeing his outfit, according to witnesses. Musk responded in a highly exaggerated and “offensive” Italian accent, according to attendees, yelling “MAMA MIA!”

Musk is expected to continue his testimony on Wednesday. He was last seen entering a Delaware costume store shortly after his Tuesday court appearance.