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Fed Member Finally Understands Plight of Average American After Being Forced to Speak with Lowly Butler for 3 Minutes

After being trapped into making small talk with a lowly household servant for a moment, Federal Reserve Open Market Committee member John Reynolds finally caught a glimpse into the plight of the average American struggling with rising costs and stagnating wages.

“It was one of the most awkward moments of my life,” Reynolds lamented. “And though I would never willfully do that again, I am glad I was able to get a hint of what the average American struggles with.”

While Reynolds usually speaks with CEOs of banks and U.S. Senators to inform his stance on monetary policy, the butler’s thoughts on the labor market helped Reynolds come to a realization.

“I looked at this guy and realized his pants weren’t even custom tailored, which got me thinking: Does this young man even appreciate all the zero-interest debt we’re taking on from Apple and Microsoft?”

As soon as his in-house valet arrived, Reynolds reportedly tossed a crumpled dollar bill at the butler and sprinted into his car to get away from the uncomfortable situation.