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Flag Manufacturers Fly: Why Civil Unrest Should be 5% of Your Portfolio

With the turbulent events of the past few years one thing is for sure: people are buying flags and they’re doing so at an alarming rate. Whether to wave on the 4th of July or to storm a government building flag manufacturers are seeing revenue growth only paralleled by early stage tech companies.

Any portfolio in 2021 should have at least 5% exposure to the flag industry and here are 3 high-flying names sure to line your pockets.

1) PTRT – The most obvious one this is Direxion’s 3x Patriotism ETF. You’ll get 3 times leveraged exposure to flags, decals, stickers and everything else one would need to show their allegiance to a country or fringe organization.

2) FLAG – This is your best option if you’re looking for a pure flag play. They make flags and nothing else. Sporting a single digit P/E and explosive revenue growth this company is sure to explode higher as the country does too.

3) STSC – Shenzhen Textile Supply Company is one of the largest global manufacturers of flags and while you may feel unpatriotic buying your flags from abroad they have the highest margins due to China’s accommodative labor laws.

Whichever you choose make sure to perform your own due diligence and if you want to increase your exposure make sure to buy any one of the several gun manufacturers listed on the US exchanges.