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Ford Motor Announces They Now Accept Coins Minted After 1950

In a stunning act of modernization, the Ford Motor Company has announced that they will now accept coins minted after 1950.

Just a week after Elon Musk announced that Tesla would now deal in Bitcoin, competitor Ford Motor has responded with it’s own innovation. The company will step into the future and end it’s longtime ban on money printed after Eisenhower.

“Ford was founded in 1903, when Henry Ford began selling the Model T for $849.99. We’ve always been a cash-only business, just like any diner in the American Heartland” explained CEO Tim Barley sporting his traditional monocle and cane. “But we’re also a modern brand, and that’s why we will be accepting this newfangled kind of money.”

Investors have worried that the modern American currency may be too volatile because it wasn’t minted under the gold-standard. Not to mention that modern cash has been known to fund modern criminal activity. But Ford has instead sided with the many customers who have jumped on the USD bandwagon.

“We’re hoping to really connect with those younger Americans born after 1955,” continued Barley. “We want them to know that we speak their language, we know their culture. Heck, we might even add a radio to one of our cars.”

At press time, Tesla changed course and demanded that you personally Venmo Elon if you want to buy a car.