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Forget Earning A College Degree: Here Are Three Great Photoshop Tutorials

The average bachelor’s degree from a liberal arts school costs around 200 thousand dollars and takes about 2.1 million minutes to complete. If I told you that you could get that same degree absolutely free, and it would only take 47 minutes of your time, would you believe me?

Well believe it or not, there are three wonderful photoshop tutorials on Youtube that helped me perfectly forge my bachelor’s diploma from Arizona State University and land my first journalism gig at

It’s important to forge your diploma from an unimpressive college like ASU because they have enough name recognition to resonate with your future employers, but nobody is going to ask questions or suspect that you’re lying about going to a college as shitty as Arizona State.

As for the tutorials, I don’t quite remember the titles of these videos because I watched them like 4 years ago, but I’ll do my best to describe them so you can search them yourself on Youtube.

The first video started off with a guy talking straight to camera. He sounded German but I don’t really have an ear for accents. I think he had a white shirt on? Anyways, he talked a lot about how to use the paintbrush tool or something.

The next two videos were all voice over and I think they were both made by the same girl. They were talking more about how to match fonts and create believable textures I think. Again it was a while ago.

Follow these easy steps and you too could land a sweet gig writing for without stepping foot in a real college.