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Gamestop CEO Resigns After Realizing Already a Million Ways to Buy Games Online

GameStop CEO George Sherman announced his resignation today after realizing that the company is hopelessly behind every other competitor that sells games online. Sherman said in a statement that he decided to resign after checking a calendar and noticing that it’s the year 2021, at least ten years after GameStop should have already pivoted to selling games online.

“I have enjoyed my time at the helm of GameStop, but it’s time to get out of here before everyone realizes that we have no idea what we’re doing,” Sherman said in a statement released Monday morning.

Sherman served as CEO beginning in April of 2019. According to sources, he spent the first year and a half learning about the internet and the final six months learning about Reddit.

While GameStop investors hope that the company can successfully pivot to online selling, gamers continue to seamlessly buy games from the millions of companies who have already been selling online for over a decade.