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GameStop Earnings: Turns Out All Their Stores Actually Closed in 2015

Investors eager to hear GameStop’s latest earnings report are disappointed this afternoon to learn that the video game retailer actually closed all their stores in 2015, according to sources.

“It’s disappointing for sure. It’s like all this stuff with the short squeeze was for nothing,” said Keith Gill, a GameStop bull who rose to prominence early this year for leading the WallStreetBets crowd into the stock.

According to sources familiar with the company, GameStop hasn’t made a sale since August of 2015, and corporate operations were completely wound down by early 2016.

“I figured everyone forgot about the company,” said former GameStop executive Brad Kilgore. “I just got back from a four month sabbatical to the Maldives, and was shocked to hear that millions of traders still thought we were an active company.”

Sources say that current GameStop investors can exchange their $182 shares for $3 Visa gift cards.