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Genius Arbitrage Trader Swaps Hour of His Time for $8.50 as Wendy’s Cashier

Peoria, IL — In what many on Wall St. are calling one of the shrewdest acts of financial engineering in modern history, local resident Rahil Shaikh pulled off a genius arbitrage play by swapping a single hour of his time for $8.50 pre-tax at his local Wendy’s.

Shaikh, a part time investor and full time employee, read about this maneuver online and decided to implement it after being unemployed for a length period.

“I’ve always been interested in risk-free arbitrage plays,” says Shaikh during one of his 15 minute breaks. “And after being out of work for so long I decided this was a smart move. Basically I trade my time, which is worthless at the moment, for a guaranteed amount of money. Truly a can’t lose proposition.”

While economists would argue he just has a job Shaikh disagrees. “Sure it’s not an arbitrage opportunity by the truest definition but my time won’t always be worthless so in that sense I am exploiting a short lived market dislocation.”

Our interview was then cut short by his shift manager yelling that he was needed at the fry station and had gone over his break by 2 minutes.