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Gold Bug Fully Believes People Will Trade Food for Shiny Rock During Apocalypse

Monty Scott is your typical gold zealot. He thinks it’s far better than paper money, has stashes buried in various locations and fully believes that when apocalyptic conditions arise, the only thing of any value will be precious metals.

“Look at this,” says Scott holding a small gold ingot. “This is what real money looks like. It’s portable, you can split it up to make smaller purchases and when shit hits the fan try buying food with your paper money.”

While it’s unclear why someone would accept a fairly useless metal for food that would certainly be the most valuable thing next to guns, Scott is convinced of it.

“Gold has been around for thousands of years. People keep saying Bitcoin is the currency of the future and all I can do is laugh in those people’s stupid faces. What happens when there is no electricity because a solar flare brings the grid down? Tell me how you’ll purchase the release of loved ones from roaming gangs of pirates?” said an increasingly agitated Scott.

When pressed further as to why gold would be more useful than guns, Scott pointed to a number of online references that were mostly just Peter Schiff videos and anonymous Youtube videos that were hard to decipher.

As of this writing the price of gold is roughly 10% off it’s highs and has badly outperformed almost everything.