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Grown Man Rushes to Invest Savings into Unknown Crypto After Seeing Bullish Tweet from 15-Year Old Nephew

37-year old grown man Jeffrey Davis of Sacramento made a consequential financial decision based on a single tweet from his 15-year old nephew.

Davis, a legitimate adult who should have learned some responsibility at this point, piled his life savings into a meme cryptocurrency created as a joke on a whim with absolutely no due diligence.

Davis saw a tweet from his nephew, 15-year old Jake, about a new “meme” cryptocurrency trending on Reddit. Davis, without any real research or the usual investigation a normal adult would do before committing to a major financial decision, piled his life savings into a questionable crypto brokerage website and clicked “buy” without stopping himself.

Davis did not respond to our request for comment, but financial experts and other adults with functioning brains agree that he is most likely not doing well.