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Gun Stocks Jump as Efficacy of Product Proven in Controversial Phase Two Trial

The gun is a feisty underdog in the commodity world, often fighting with its back against the wall. Most products only need to compete with other similar products. Guns, however, must clamor for market share against the tides of ever-evolving federal legislation, visceral public disgust, and ferocious smear campaigns bankrolled by the bow-and-arrow lobby. Yet even against such insurmountable odds, guns remain vindicated in their efficacy time and time again.

Phase 1 research on gun efficacy began where most research does: in our nation’s schools. A foundational study found that guns were very effective in controlled settings (Harris and Klebold, 1999), and a follow up study at Virginia Tech, a leading research institution, confirmed these results (Cho, 2007). Skeptics challenged the results, asserting that data from the “ivory sniper tower” of a university would not generalize to real-world conditions.

To address these concerns, Phase 2 research was initiated, with all further studies to be conducted in real-world settings. A team of researchers (primarily working out of Colorado) has completed several more experiments, each of which resulted in equal or greater effectiveness of guns regardless of gun model, police presence, or combat capabilities of the experimenter.

The Phase 2 results have set Wall Street ablaze, with Smith & Wesson share prices increasing 28% since the conclusion of the latest study in March of this year (Alissa, 2021). ARK invest has reportedly purchased huge amounts of American Outdoor Brands ($AOUT). Researchers have not announced plans for a Phase 3 trial as of yet, and for some reason we cannot get in touch with them, but one investor we asked said he is “excited to see what they come up with next.”