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Guy Who Can Predict the Stock Market Really Hounding You to Buy His $200 Class

A guy from Instagram who can reportedly pick winning stocks every single day is really hounding you to buy his $200 stock course.

While he has posted dozens of times about his consistent 500% gains, including multiple screenshots of trades where he realized $20,000 gains in five minutes, he now seems fairly desperate to get you started on the “road to success” with his “sick” penny stock course.

“Bro, come on man, if you don’t invest in yourself now, when will you ever?” He asked over Instagram DM. After not hearing back from you for about 3 hours, he sent his PayPal link. An hour after that, he found you on Venmo and requested $150, with the note “25% off if you pay in 30 minutes.”

On an Instagram story two weeks ago, this stock market guru proclaimed that he quit his 9-to-5 job and within a few weeks was making $30,000 in profit a month with his “super advanced stock picking system.”

“I basically make $3,000 an hour now,” he said on Instagram shortly before spending approximately six hours pitching you on his course. After reportedly buying Zoom stock for $80 earlier this year (now at $412) and Penn at $7 (now at $78), sources speculate that $200 spent on the course will be quickly turned into a $500,000 or more in profit, based on the guru’s (unaudited) trading history.