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Here’s How Rich You’d Be If You Bought 10 Shares Of BMW In 1945 And The Nazis Won

Shares of iconic German automaker BMW (ETR: BMW) have come a long way since their initial public offering over 100 years ago, bolstered by their commitment to luxury and a history of lucrative wartime contracts. If you were a savvy investor during World War II, BMW would have comprised a large part of your portfolio, though the average shareholder likely owned just 10 shares of the company in 1945.

Well, you’d be shocked to know how much that modest investment would be worth today if you held your position and the Nazis marched to victory.

Much of the company’s financials were destroyed during the war — while we don’t know the exact price BMW shares were trading at in 1945, we can be confident that shareholder loyalty would have been rewarded many times over by the triumphant fascist regime.

To put it in perspective, if you purchased 10 shares of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) in the company’s 1980 IPO, your $220 investment would be worth nearly $250,000 today — a 100,000% return not adjusted for inflation, but also not accounting for a Nazi-controlled economy that would have eradicated all foreign competition and sought to create financial dominance that would last at least 1,000 years.

If we consider Apple’s cosmopolitan success as a baseline, the 10 shares of BMW you acquired in 1945 would now afford you and your genetically superior offspring a lavish lifestyle by even Hitler’s standards.

A 1,000x return on investment could easily fund all of your wildest Third Reich fantasies — from cocaine-fueled expeditions to acquire biblical artifacts, to building a network of plush underground suicide bunkers. And let’s not forget about the peace of mind that comes with shielding a loved one from being rounded up and euthanized for a minor disability.

While we may never be able to quantify the potential gains had you purchased just 10 shares of BMW 75 years ago, you can rest assured that — under the aegis of a thriving economy and white ethnostate — you would have amassed profound generational wealth and Donald Trump would still be President.